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Erectile dysfunction (ED) has been a major issue amongst men since time immemorial. Men belonging to the age group of or above 40 are mostly targeted by ED. To fight against that we have Cenforce 100, one of the best solutions which cures the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. ED is the incapacity of the male sexual organ to have an erection of the Penis for a longer duration. It is also interchangeably referred to as impotency. There are various causes like stress, health problems, medications side effects, etc. which results in ED.

There are many ways by which one can treat themselves for having erectile dysfunction. One of the most common ways is oral medications. It is the primary suggestion of every doctor to his patients is to consume tablets like Cenforce, to get relieved from this stressful suffering. There are other ways like usage of herbs or natural remedies, but these methods do not give a guaranteed and reasonable result as Cenforce does.


Before taking these medications, almost everyone has a particular thought in their mind that whether is it safe and secure to use? Generally, doctors suggest people take these medicines. Whereas in reality there is no proper prescription required for these medications as it is completely safe for a user depending upon the concentration level.The main regulatory standard for ensuring pharmaceutical quality is the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMPs) regulation for human pharmaceuticals. 

On the contrary, if a person is using these tablets for the first time he should note the allergic contents and the concentration level to get good results by following the doctor’s prescription. Cenforce helps to get the satisfied result by giving a prolonged duration of erection and with no major side effects. So with various tests and results are seen by customers, it can be said that Cenforce is completely safe and secure to use for erectile dysfunction


These pills are similar to that of any other Viagra pill which is used for curing ED. It is to be consumed before an hour of having sexual intercourse for it to bring upon changes in the body and to give you an effective result. The pill otherwise will stay active for 5 hours, but it is very important to note that two tablets a day will cause overdosage and thus is recommended to be taken after a 24-hour gap between pills

Stating the function it is important to note that the job of these pills is to bring or enhance the blood flow in the body for prolonged duration and not for any other purpose. These pills are not for curing any sexually transmitted disease or any other sickness. 

The working of this pill is very simple. When one person consumes the pill, the blood vessels get dilated and the rigid muscles of the male organ get relaxed with enhanced blood flow. This ultimately gives an erection which is for a longer duration. The chemical compound used in these tablets is Sildenafil Citrate that helps in performing the above-said process.


  • For consuming any Viagra pill it is very important to take the tablets in a prescribed manner and a certain amount. Cenforce 100 pills are comparatively of lesser concentration as to other Cenforce tablets like Cenforce 150, 200, etc. The concentration levels in each of these pills determine the effect that it creates. A person who has a low tolerance level and can be affected with side effects due to a higher concentration of Sildenafil should always go with this 100 mg pills of Cenforce or some other lower concentration. 
  • The dosage should be restricted to one tablet a day with 24 hours of a gap as Cenforce is a chemically bound drug that creates increased blood flow which should always be checked and regulated accordingly.
  • The tablets are to be stored at room temperature below 30 degrees.
  • The tablets present better results if taken an empty stomach against the full stomach.
  • Alcohol too creates a major difference as it may slow down the effect of the tablet and may not show expected results.
  • A doctor’s suggestion and advice are important for people consuming these tablets for the first time and for regular users it is important to keep regularity in the consumption of these tablets. 

Thus all of these measures are important to be followed to get better and efficient results.


A drug is determined to work in a certain way but sometimes it may not work properly and show some side effects. In terms of Cenforce 100 mg if the concentration level or the ingredients does not match one, then it is advised to see a doctor as soon as possible and get rightly concentrated tablets. Some of the side effects can be indigestion, headache, body pain, dizziness, etc.


There a lot of online web stores where one can acquire Cenforce tablets. One can buy using Cenforce 100 Paypal from any of the listed and genuine websites like Genericmenshop.com .Cenforce 100 mg is easily available online with a reasonable listing of prices. There is no hard and fast rule to get a doctor’s prescription for buying these medicines, but it is always recommended to get one.

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Cenforce 100 - Cure Impotence


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