How an elegant man should dress on hot days?

As the weather turns warmer, men are usually left scratching their heads on how to dress comfortably yet still look and feel elegant on hot days. Fortunately, there are a few tips every man should consider to help them look their best while staying cool.

First, when it comes to choosing the right fabric for hot days, light-weight natural fabrics are usually best. Cotton and linen are both excellent choices as they provide breathability and plenty of ventilation. Stay away from synthetic materials like polyester or nylon which can trap heat in and make one feel sticky and uncomfortable.

Second, choose lighter colors such as white or pastels for clothing as dark colors absorb more sunlight and heat. Light colors also hold up better against perspiration stains caused by excessive sweating on hot days.

Third, concentrate more on layer-based dressing rather than single pieces of clothing. Wear lightweight t-shirts under blazers or jackets – this will make you look stylish without compromising comfort in hot temperatures. Additionally, pair thin trousers with shorts – this way you can stay cool during hotter days but still maintain formalities during cooler evenings if need be.

Finally, it’s important to accessorize appropriately with items like a lightweight paper straw hat or baggy scarf as necessary extras that will keep you feeling cool while protecting your skin from harsh UV rays at the same time. Additionally, you should bring sunglasses with you. It is the perfect fashion accessory and perfect eye protection from the sun. You can choose from many shapes and the most popular brands of sunglasses (Oakley, Gucci) or buy glasses with special lenses (like Versace, Ray Ban Wayfarer).

Although dressing elegantly on a hot day may require extra effort and consideration, knowing these few tips can ensure that any man looks sharp regardless of the temperature outside!

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